Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Find Answers to Problems & A Good Way to Recycle Devices

Got a Problem - Need an Answer – Google it!

I was watching the Red Sox game and my wife went downstairs to use our computer. (We have a Dell Dimension 3000 system that was purchased in March 2005.) She soon came up to tell me that she couldn't wake up the computer - the screen remained black and wouldn't awaken.

I went downstairs to see what she could have done to the system and quickly discovered that the monitor wouldn't awake. Then I noticed that the green light that indicated the monitor was on was blinking green. It usually is a steady green when in use and orange when the computer is in sleep mode. This was a condition I hadn't seen before and couldn't get rid of.

Then I remembered what Don Orifice had told me to do in such cases. I turned on our backup computer and Googled this condition for a Dell monitor of my model, and sure enough, one of the chat rooms that I was directed to provided the answer. The monitor's circuit board was fried!

A Good Way to Recycle Your Electronic Devices

The next day, I went to Best Buy and bought a new hp 20" monitor. I took the old one in with me and took advantage of their recycling program – bring in any electronic device – computer, monitor, etc. and they will recycle it for $10 – and give you a Ten Dollar gift certificate in exchange. I used the gift certificate to help pay for my new monitor, which was on sale.

So, here are my two tips for today – got a problem? Google it and you will usually get an answer and secondly, need to recycle a broken electronic device? Bring it in to Best Buy and get rid of it for $10 (and get a matching gift certificate towards you next purchase).

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