Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage/Backup = Security

Sooner or later, you are going to experience a computer failure – the hard drive will fail or something else will go wrong. Will you be able to recover your important files? You will if you take advantage of the free cloud storage that is available.

What is Cloud Storage?

Several companies are offering free storage of your important files on the web, i.e., in the “clouds”. One that I use is called Dropbox. It offers 2GB of free storage. If you need more, you can pay for it. The features that I like best is that it will automatically put any changes you make in any file into your set of files in the cloud. It will also automatically synchronize all of the files across all of your devices/computers, as long as you have installed Dropbox onto these systems.

How Does it Work?

When you download Dropbox onto your main computer, it installs a file labeled “dropbox” in your documents section. You can then drag and drop (or copy and paste) any file you want to put into the cloud into the dropbox file and it will automatically become part of your dropbox storage. (If you have installed Dropbox on other devices – second computers, smartphones, etc., the files will automatically be available to you on these other devices.)

There are other “free” cloud storage systems –, sugersync, and spideroak, to name a few, but dropbox seems to be the easiest to use and to synchronize with all of your devices.

Try it – you’ll like it! To try it at my invitation, follow this link.

(For a comparison of a large number of cloud storage sites, see Comparison of Online Backup Systems on Wikipedia)


  1. Through November, is offering 50GB of permanent free storage to anyone downloading their app onto an iPhone or iPad.

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